Providing the Best Equestrian Experience

HM Equestrian Club is a prestigious private members' club committed to the highest standards of equestrian performance.

We take pride in serving riders of all skill levels and disciplines, from amateur to professional.

Our knowledgeable staff, who are passionate about everything related to horses, has established us as a leading riding club and a well-known event location.

Our facility includes stabling created with your horses' comfort in mind. In addition to providing the setting for numerous contests and events, we allow groups organising their own horse events to rent our facilities.

Come visit HM Equestrian Club, where equestrian enthusiasts can enjoy an unmatched space where our legacy and modern excellence coexist harmoniously.


Venue Hire

Perfect venues for your all needs

With HM Equestrian Club's excellent venues, you can effortlessly combine excellence and accessibility to elevate your events. Our outstanding reputation, convenient location in Dubai, and all-inclusive amenities make us the perfect choice for your events.

Examine the options for disabled access in all contexts, making sure that everyone is included. Make your event truly unforgettable by reserving our outstanding facilities.

Our Services

Unleashing the World Of Equine

Take a magical horseback riding excursion with our show jumping and beginners packages for adults and kids. Allow our professionals to walk you through appropriate manners and grooming techniques. Both individual and group classes are offered. Come experience a unique fusion of equine treatment and horsemanship as we make enduring memories

Reserve your spot today to enjoy a magical sunrise or moon night horseback ride while taking in the splendour of the natural world coming to life! To reserve your place and feel the enchantment for yourself, just get in touch with us.

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Horse Riding In The MoonLight

With our Midnight Horseback Ride, discover the enchantment of the evening! Hurry, reservations are filling up quickly! Take in the magic as the moonlight transports you on an enthralling adventure. Don't pass up this exceptional outdoor excursion!

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Horse Riding At The First Light

Riding a horse and welcome the sunrise! Come out for a dawn ride through the marvels of nature at 6 a.m. There are just a few spots available. To reserve your calm morning excursion, Contact Us.

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Forest Horseback Ride

Embark on a fantastic forest adventure! Experience the exhilaration of an unforgettable horseback ride through the embrace of nature, It is a pass to an amazing tour through the heart of the wilderness,

Envision manoeuvring between the trees with your trusted steed guiding you, and the cool woodland air dancing all around you. Not only a ride, but an escape into the enchanted woodlands, complete with a symphony of hoofbeats and rustling leaves.

Seize this unique chance to become fully engrossed in the forest's charm. This is the ideal experience for adventurers looking for the ideal balance of calm and thrill, regardless of experience level.

There are just a few spots available, so reserve yours today! Make memories that will reverberate through the trees, connect with the natural rhythms, and experience the companionship of your horse.

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Membership Opportunities

Experience HM Equestrian Club membership that is customised to meet your level of riding passion. Our range of choices elevates your equestrian experience by providing access to varity of services. Please get in touch to receive further details of our Membership program and to join our active equestrian community.

Join us and take a ride into a world created just for you

HM Equestrian Club is a prestigious equestrian destination that serves riders of all skill levels, from novices to experts. Situated in vibrant city of Dubai, we are easily accessible due to our handy proximity, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff has cemented our status as a top riding club and a popular event location.

HM Equestrian Club is more than just a riding club; it's a premier private club with large grounds and facilities that make it stand out from other riding clubs. Our competition centre is a popular destination for both amateur and professional riders, as we host a wide variety of competitions and events.

Ensuring accessibility for all, we at HM Equestrian Club take pride in cultivating a friendly, helpful, and welcoming environment. Come along on this journey where passion and purpose collide through horses.